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The 2018 Open meeting promoted by the Bedfordshire AAA will be held at Sandy on Saturday 24th March

Entry is online as in previous years.

Bedfordshire Open online entries here



11:00am          70m Hurdles - U13G

11:10am          75m Hurdles - U15G/U13B

11:20am          80m Hurdles - U17W/U15B

11:30am          3000m - U15upwards

12:00pm          100m / 110m Hurdles - SW/U20W/U17M / SM/U20M

12:10pm          800m - All

12:35pm          75m - U11B/U11G

12:40pm          100m - All

1:10pm            300m / 400m Hurdles - U17W / U17M upwards(400m)

1.45pm            600m - U11B/U11G

2.00pm            400m - U17Men and U20W upwards (including ambulant 400m)

2:15pm            300m - U15G/U17W/U15B

2:30pm            1500m - All

3.00pm            200m - All      

3:30pm            Relays 4x100m – select your team on the day



10:30am          Pole Vault - (U15s upwards)

10:30am          Hammer - (30m+)

10:30am          Long Jump - (U11B/U11G) 3 jumps only

11:15am          Shot Putt - (9m+)

12:00pm          High Jump - (1.45m+)

12:00pm          Long Jump - (U13 upwards) – All female

12:15pm          Discus - (30m+)

12:15pm          Shot Putt - (less than 9m)

1:15pm            High Jump (less than 1.45m)

1.15pm            Long Jump (U13 upwards) – All male

2:00pm            Javelin - (less than 30m)

2:00pm            Discus - (less than 30m)

3:00pm            Javelin - (30m+)

3:00pm            Triple Jump - All

3:00pm            Hammer - (less than 30m)


The 2018 County Championships will be held at Luton on Sunday 13th May - This may be at Bedford or at Luton on the Saturday. TBC soon.

The entry link and details will be available here in due course.


The current list of Championship Best Performances for females and males is below (note these have been updated to correct some corruptions in the original file (Feb 2018)).

Beds AAA T&F (Female) CBP's as of May 2017.pdf

Beds AAA T&F (Male) CBP's as of May 2017.pdf


The 2018 CAU Inter-Counties Championships  -  28th and 29th July. Note these will be in Manchester and NOT Bedford this year.

The 2018 Beds County School Championships - Wednesday 13th June at Bedford



For reference the Bedfordshire entry qualification for championships and county representation is here COUNTY QUALIFICATION OF BEDFORDSHIRE.docx


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