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The 2018 Beds County Championship races are as follows below:


20 Mile - Oakley - was cancelled on 18th March due to bad weather. (Snow and Ice)

10 Mile - Sandy - was held on 8th April. Results are here Beds AAA 10 Mile 2018 County Champs results.xls

5 Mile - John O'Callaghan - Luton - was held on 24th June. Final Results are here Beds AAA 5 miles county results 2018.xlsx

10km -  Bedfordshire AAA road race - was held at Bedford on 20th  July.

As the race was put on by the county, full results are here including the County results. Beds AAA 10k - Results 2018.xls

5km - Doug Anderson - Bedford - was held on 25th July. County Results are here Beds AAA 5k 2018 county results.xlsx

Half Marathon - Wootton – was held on 2nd December.Beds AAA Half Marathon county results 2018.xlsx


Marathon - No Championships in 2018


BEDFORDSHIRE 10K details - full results are in the 10K link above.

Course map is here.


County Awards criteria

1. A Gold medal will be awarded to first place in any category. Nobody will receive more than one gold medal (see clarification below).  Medals will usually be awarded on the day.

2. As of 2018 no medals nor certificates will be given for second or third place.

3. Categories are as follows:  the overall race position, juniors (U20) and vets in 5 year age groups. Females start at V35, males at V40.

4. As mentioned above nobody will get two medals. So should for example a FV60 be the overall fastest vet, they will only get the V60 medal and NOT V35, V40, V45, V50, V55 medals as well.

    Note the above is not an exaggerated example but has actually happened (Luton 5 Mile 2017 most recently but other occasions as well) !

5. Criterion 4 also applies if a vet wins the overall race. I.e. they will get the medal for the overall race and not for their vet category which will go to the next fastest vet.


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